Do You Need to Clean Your Rubber Roof Frequently?

All surfaces insulated against water infiltration have a warranty period, during which the manufacturer guarantees that the products will not degrade, because they have been subjected to laboratory tests determining their capacity to fulfill the purpose for which they have been manufactured; the roof installer also has the best interest to do a work that will last at least during the warranty offered by the manufacturer. However, in order to prolong the lifespan and prevent possible roof degradation, certain periodic maintenance operations are necessary.

Rubber roofs are covered with synthetic membranes, which are particularly durable. Almost half a century ago, the first terrace covered with EPDM waterproofing membrane was installed in the United States. It is still functional today, and so far no major repairs were needed.

A properly installed rubber roof has a life expectancy of at least forty years. It has a stable chemical component that allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and ultraviolet rays. It also has a high degree of flexibility – membranes can be extended by up to 300%, even at very low temperatures.

The necessary maintenance is minimal and consists in the periodic inspection of the roof, the identification of minor problems and their repair, as well as the periodic cleaning of the roof.

Why cleaning a rubber roof?

Although some people ignore this maintenance operation, hoping for the best and preferring to believe that rain will wash away dirt, cleaning the roof is actually important, no matter the materials it is made from. Dirt is not the only thing you have to be concerned about; a flat roof is prone to debris accumulation (leaves, twigs, bird nests etc.) that may clog the water drainage system or favor moisture and even water ponding, which are roof problems that must be definitely avoided.

Yes, a rubber roof membrane is very resistant and durable, but this does not change the fact that debris build up may cause problems that could allow water infiltrations and other related problems that can be avoided by simply keeping your roof clean.

Debris should be collected from the roof on a regular basis, in order to prevent build up. Also, once in a while, especially if you live in a polluted area with few precipitations, or if there are nearby construction sites, you should wash the roof`s surface once in a while. Pressure washing the roof will do, but in some particular situations, if the roof has been accidentally stained with oils or chemicals, you should also use a special cleaning solution. The surface area of an EPDM roof can be sprayed with such a cleaner, then mopped and rinsed with clean water.

Should you hire Denver commercial roofing company professionals for your rubber roof cleaning?

Yes, this is highly recommended. Roofing operations require professional expertise and experience that most building owners do not have, so turning to specialists is a very wise thing to do. If you make a contract for periodic roof maintenance, roof cleaning should be a part of it.