Why Should You Consider Planting Trees Away from Your Roof

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Whether you just bought a new home, or decided to scrap most of the landscaping of your old family house, and plant new trees and a beautiful new garden, there are a lot of important considerations you have to keep in mind. One of them is the location of your trees.

Even though it would normally be great to surround your house with a lush, green landscape and plant as many trees as you want, in many cases this can be a big problem – especially considering your roof. As trees grow, they can easily harm your Pensacola roofing system, either during storms or just through their simple growth process. Also, as we will find out in the following, there are a few other essential issues to consider.

Planting Trees Can Be a Great Initiative!

Planting trees near your home has always been seen as an excellent initiative by most experts. Aside from the trees’ ability to improve the air you bread through life-giving oxygen, they also provide shade during warm summer days and protect your home and garden from harmful UV radiation that would cause a lot of problems and lead you to use your AC more frequently.

Trees will also improve curb appeal and make your home look great in case you ever want to sell it. The eco-friendly benefits of having trees in your back yard, as well as benefits such as being able to build a tree house an have your kids play around in the shade of the tree can lead to priceless moments spent with your family.

Protect Your Home While Planting as Many Trees as You Can

Unfortunately, while any tree can offer excellent advantages by simply existing and consuming the CO2 around your home, it matters where you plant your trees. Your roof can be easily damaged by branches blown towards it, which could end up knocking off some of your shingles or even damaging some of the flashing or your gutters.

In other cases, planting trees too close to your home can lead to autumn winds blowing dead leaves onto your roof and either serving as shelter and nourishment for various pests or even clogging up your gutters. With your gutter system impaired, any autumn storm can quickly lead to water building up, bringing more pests to your roof, and leading to the build-up of mold and mildew, which, over time, can cause some serious damage.

To avoid all these issues, it’s important to plant your trees farther away from your home, in areas where their leaves and branches can’t extend as far as your roof or gutter system. Depending on how large the branches can grow, you’d typically be looking at a distance of at least 10-15 feet, although in some cases it can also be greater. If for some reason your roof does sustain some damage due to tree branches, or for any other reason, roofers Pensacola FL contractors are here to help with the repairs or replacement.

If your home has a large enough yard, planting trees won’t be a problem, even with the limit you impose on how close you can get to your roof. It will still be easy enough to plant 4-5 healthy trees at the very least, and to benefit from all the amazing advantages they can bring you.