Superior Residential Roofing Products for Durability

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Metal roofing

Metal roofing, a favorite for the commercial buildings or halls in rural areas, is becoming increasingly popular in the segment of residential urban construction. The architects show their sympathy for this roofing material, characterizing it as sustainable, efficient, fire-resistant, light and flexible, with a design suitable for a durable house, destined for future generations.

Metal roofing has been adapted even to homes in geographical areas with difficult weather, being covered with a protective layer that increases its resistance to moisture and sea salt particles and ensuring adequate energy efficiency.

The advantages of metal roofing that recommend it as a great solution for residential constructions are important for all those who pay more attention to the qualitative details of their home. Metal roofing is very light, has the ability to reflect the heat emitted by the sun, thus contributing to saving energy consumed on air cooling systems in hot seasons.

Steel and aluminum are the most common and economical materials from which these roofs can be made. They are covered with protective and resistant paint.

Properly installed, a metal roof will last for 50 years and even longer, with very little maintenance. Snow and water drain quickly from the slippery material, the wind slides easily on its surface, and insects and pests will not affect it.


Slate is a metamorphic rock, made of clay and sand, hard (level 6-7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale), dense, with low porosity, resistant to acids, wear and the freeze-thaw cycle, as well as versatile. It splits naturally (foils can be obtained). It is used in interior and exterior design.

The advantages of using slate in the execution of roofs:

  • It is a hard rock, with superior durability
  • It resists to water, acid rain and UV radiation
  • It is fireproof
  • It is resistant to wear and tear, as well as to the freeze-thaw cycles
  • It comes in different natural colors and has a beautiful, natural and authentic aspect
  • It is resistant to organic stains that may result from bird droppings, leaf residues etc.
  • It offers added value – a slate roof increases the resale value of the home. It has a very long lifespan (although it is more expensive than other types of roofs, a slate roof will stand for several generations).

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles represent natural products, obtained by burning the clay at over 1000 ° C. They are used to create very efficient and durable roofs, with life spans of up to 100 years.

A ceramic roof can reduce energy costs by up to 20%. It adapts to each season, absorbing or releasing heat, and ensures exactly the thermal comfort you need. Ceramic tiles are not only durable materials, but also economical, because what is defining in estimating the value of a roof is its lifespan and energy efficiency, not the purchasing costs.

Considering that they are environmentally friendly materials, providing very good sound insulation and remarkable energy efficiency, ceramic tiles are still some of the best residential roofing products that proved their durability and efficiency during thousands of years of use.

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